School Council

Brynteg’s School Council holds meetings on a Friday lunch time.

The aim of the council is for the children to have their say in matters arising in the school. Issues discussed are those raised in Class Councils.

All members of the School Councils were elected as representatives of their class and they are the means of communication between Class Councils and the School Council.

So far, the children have produced a handbook for new children who start school, a number of policies including a playground policy, discussed healthy snacks, bullying, behaviour in the class and on the yard and litter.

Decisions on these matter have been made by the children and many changes have been implemented. For example, we now have litter monitors for the school grounds and a Junior buddy system for the infant playground.

Future discussions and decisions will be made on issues relating to the eco-friendliness of the school.

If you are interested in the School Council and would like more details, please contact Miss Natalie Roberts.