Student Council

Our aim

The aim of the council is for the children to have their say in matters arising in the school. Issues discussed are those raised in Class Councils or tasks given by headteacher.

All members of the School Councils were elected as representatives of their class and they are the means of communication between Class Councils and the Student Council.

Student Council members

  • Ethan Elms – Vice Chairperson/Year 6 representative
  • Grace Hughes – Secretary/Year 6 representative
  • Amy Ward – Chairperson/Year 5 representative
  • Estera Brudel – Year 5 representative
  • Luke Brindley – Year 4 representative
  • Luke Brindley – Year 4 representative
  • Jamie Brimfield – Year 3 representative
  • Poppy Wynn – Year 3 representative
  • Jakson Roberts – Year 2 representative
  • Kacey Threadgold – Year 2 representative

Student Council News

We have just had our Student Council elections.

The children have planned and created their own notice board which is situated in the hall.  They have also decided that they would like to change the name to student council as opposed to Student Council

So far, the whole school have been involved in putting ideas forward for the new school website and updated and reviewed the Student Council Policy.

Student Council have organised a ‘wear your PJs to school’ event for children in need and raised £175!

The School Council are going to run a ‘make your own Christmas craft’ stall at the Christmas Fair.


Brynteg’s Student Council holds meetings on a Thursday lunch time.

If you are interested in the Student Council and would like more details, please contact Miss Natalie Roberts.