Infant 1

Miss Roberts is the class teacher and Mrs Oldland and Mrs Cocoran the teaching assistants in year 1.

The police  visited our year 1 class this term.










Below are the topics they will be looking at this term.

Brynteg CP termly plan for parents

Class:  Infant 1

Main topic for this term:

This is me / Dyma fi


Focus – To enquire / interview / survey / questionnaire

Owl babies

·       interview questions for owl baby/mother

·       who’s in our family

·       where we live

·       create a questionnaire for home.

Funny bones

·         Retell and changing the story

·         Story starters – what different ways can we start a story?

·         Describing the setting of a story.


Avocado Baby

·         How we look after babies, what were we like as a baby


What makes us special?

Facts and fact files about elephants

Elmer and the hippos

·         What makes a good friend?

·         Helping others – who helps us?

People Who help us

·         Interview questions for people who help us

·         Hot seating



Addition to and beyond ten. Looking how numbers can be split into 10’s and units. Reading and writing numbers up to 100. Looking at 2d and 3d shapes and their properties. Counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Representing numbers In different ways e.g. tally marks, dots on a dice, ten frames, and number lines.



·         Branching databases based on hair/ eye colour. Creating and playing the game guess who.

·         Elmer – Digital citizenship – Being kind online


Knowledge and understanding of the world:

People and places –

Wrexham – My community – My town

·         Looking at Wrexham the town centre. What places do we have in Wrexham?

·         Jobs – community – people who help us

·         Survey – How do you travel to school



Science Investigations / Planning / Observing/ Recording / Concept Cartoons

·         Body

·         Skeleton

·         Senses

·         Similarities and differences eye colour/ hair colour graphs etc.


Design and Technology:

Food – Keeping healthy – healthy eating?

·         Food testing – fruit. – link to Avocado baby


Creative :

Giuseppe Arcimbolo’s Art work – using fruit to create an image of ourselves.

Andy Warhol arts

·         Coloured images using ICT / photography.

·         Book – It’s ok to be different.


Physical Development: Your child will have PE on Mondays and Wednesday’s

Multi skills games

**Suitable clothing is required for PE – White polo shirt, black shorts and pumps or trainers,



Every Friday your child will come home with a reading book and a list of spellings. The spellings can stay at home for your child to learn during the week.  If you require extra books for your child please let me know by either writing in their reading record or catch me in the mornings or after school.

Helping your child at home:

You can help your child by:

·         Counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

·         Practicing their number bonds to 10

·         Playing dominos or games with dice looking at the patterns.

·         Looking for and naming 2d and 3d shapes.

·         Practising number and letter formation.

·         Spelling simple words

·         Allowing them to access maths Whizz and bug club (internet dependent).

·         Read with and to your children and talk about the story.

·         Ask your child to share what they have enjoyed in school.


Any questions please do not hesitate to pop in and see me. Miss Roberts