Junior 3

Mr Daulby is the class teacher and Miss Jones is the teaching assistant in J3.

Please see the plan below for this term’s topics.

Brynteg CP termly plan for parents

Class:  Junior 3 – Year 5

Main topic for this term:

South America

Languages, Literacy and Communication:


We are beginning the term with a short focus on recounts, looking back at the Christmas holidays and the trip we had to Erddig Hall as part of our Victorians topic last term. We will write for a variety of purposes and audiences, including letters, diaries and poetry. The children will write stories with an adventurous slant (possibly linked to the topic – South America). The children will have opportunity to develop their creative writing skills along with digital literacy skills when we create a class movie around the topic of Eldorado – the lost city of Gold! They will focus on reports as part of the literacy across the curriculum. We will be finishing our class novel by the author, Ceci Jenkinson, who is coming in to work with the class at various points in the term and year with the hope that the children will be more encouraged to pick up a book and read for pleasure.

In Welsh, the pupils will continue focussing on general conversation language patterns that you might expect when meeting someone for the first time – personal details and interests, family, hobbies, likes and dislikes. They will read from a range of age appropriate Welsh books. They will do aspects of other subjects across the curriculum through the medium of Welsh.

Mathematics and Numeracy:

We will be covering a wide-range of maths topics this half term:

·         fractions

·         Multiplication and division including mental strategies

·         Area and perimeter

·         Decimals and percentages

All areas of mathematics studied will include plenty of problem solving and reasoning opportunities in order to move towards mastery and deepen understanding further. Children will be encouraged to spend time to explore concepts in depth rather than covering it superficially and coming back to it several times. The children will be encouraged to develop deeper understanding through use of pictorial and concrete manipulatives such as base-10, arrow cards, hundred squares, dice etc.

Science and Technology:

Our science topic for the term is Healthy Lifestyle. Due to Science2U visiting for a number of weeks and the focus shifting to Materials, we need to spend more time looking at Healthy lifestyles this term, even though it was planned in for last term. We aim to link this into our main topic. We will touch on healthy eating, exercise and other elements that are seen to help with a healthy lifestyle.

We hope to have a 4 to 5 week block where an outside helper based at Glyndwr University will work with the children on developing their coding skills and creating a game based on our topic.

Mrs Lucas is teaching Design Technology to Year 5. Pupils have already started researching their topic Victorian Automata in which they’ll design and make a moving toy using cams.  Pupils are required to make a mood board’ independently which shows examples of automata, different shaped cams, their own designs and samples of materials.  We’ll need cat food boxes – the ones the sachets come in to make the base of the model.

Expressive Arts:

Mrs Lucas is teaching Art to Year 5. In Art, pupils will be studying Victorian photography.  Photographers used this new invention to make creepy ‘zombie’ pictures so we will creating our own versions in time for Halloween!  As a requirement to collect reference materials independently, Mrs L has asked pupils to save pictures of spooky images, fabric samples and most importantly sketches of the human face.

Mrs L will also be teaching Music and as well as our school Christmas production, pupils will be studying Saint Saens Danse Macabre.

Health and Well Being:

Our PE topic for this term will be swimming, fitness (link to our Healthy lifestyles science) and a little gymnastics/dance. PE sessions will take place on both a Monday (swimming) and a Friday afternoon and suitable clothing and footwear for outside will be necessary.

We will be continuing to work on developing a Growth Mindset throughout this term. Helping the children develop the mindset that rises to challenges, enjoys learning, doesn’t feel threatened by other people’s success and learns with the knowledge that everything takes time and effort to master and if we don’t know how to do something yet, we just need to persevere and we will always improve.

We will use the fantastic app – Seesaw for children to build up a portfolio of learning that can be shared with you and other classmates – these can be commented on to positively reinforce learning and effort throughout the year giving a boost to every child’s confidence and motivation to learn.

Mrs L introduces topical subjects through Handwriting skills.


Our main topic is South America. We will be asking ourselves what we would be interested to learn about life and geography in South America. We aim to use these ideas, one at a time, to study South America, but to do so using various skills – some learnt in other curriculum areas. For example, we may choose to use the skills of diary writing to write about what life in a particular South American country is like (literacy skill), or use a piece of art work to show our learning about landscapes of South America (art skill). We may look at Patagonia as a Welsh link. We will use our digital literacy skills throughout the term to show and develop our learning.

Mrs Lucas is teaching Religious Education to Year 5. Pupils will be studying Religions of the British Empire and Modern Slavery.


Language or Mathematics homework will be given out on a Friday, with the class having until the following Thursday to complete. This homework may well be based online – Maths Whizz or MyMaths. There will be a spelling test every other Friday, for which all children will be expected to practice their spellings at home. Reading diaries should be brought in every day and signed to say that they have been seen. The children are encouraged to write their own reading diary – to summarise what they have read each time noting down the pages and name of book, followed by their own opinion of the story as they go along.

Helping your child at home:

Read with and to your child. Listen to then read to you. The more they read and hear reading, the more able they are to access the learning taking place. Learn times tables. Go on the tutor on Maths Whizz as regularly as possible. Use MyMaths even when homework hasn’t been set – there are lessons for every area of maths we will be doing for the year and you can see the year above before you even get there! Access BugClub on ActiveLearn website where your child has been allocated books to read and answer questions about – a great way of encouraging more reading. Access Read Theory – comprehension practice. Learn the fortnightly spellings. Access our class page on hwb to use the links to homework help, literacy, maths and science webpages that will help children learn.

This term they have enjoyed a wide range of scientific practical activities with Science4U.


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