The Nursery class teacher is Mrs Pugh and teaching assistants are Mrs Blake and Miss Sarah.

The sessions run from 8.50 a.m. until 11.30 a.m.

Children are welcome to stay all day and attend our Nursery Plus session. This costs £8.00 and runs from 11.30 a.m. until 3.00 p.m.

Nursery News


Welcome to Nursery! The children have settled in very well indeed during their first week of school.  We hope you have all had a lovely summer.

This term’s topic

Our topic this term is Dyma Fi (This is me).

The first story we will be reading based on this topic is ‘Owl Babies’. We will be talking about our homes, the people who live with us and how we like to be looked after.

After we have read ‘Owl Babies’, we will be reading lots more stories based on this topic including ‘Elmer’, ‘Funnybones’ and ‘Avacado Baby’.

We will be carrying out lots of fun activities for our Dyma Fi topic, including using our senses to taste, smell and touch things, finding out about parts of our body, making Elmer using recycled milk bottles and much more. We will also be learning about people who help us.

In our art activities, we will be using ICT to make Andy Warhol style images of ourselves.

Jolly Phonics

The letter sounds we will focus on this term will be:

s, a, t, p, i, n.

If you would like to hear the songs we sing to learn these sounds, search ‘Jolly Phonics songs’ on You Tube or Vimeo.

We have sent a letter formation sheet home with your child. These are the rhymes we will be using in class to help your child form their letters.  We hope you find this useful.


We will be focusing on numbers 1 – 5.

We hope the number formation sheet we have sent home will be useful also. These are the rhymes we will be using in class to help the children form their letters.

In Numeracy this term, we will also be focusing on the following shapes: square, circle, triangle and rectangle. We will be making patterns with the children and introducing them to coins also.

Name Writing

Your child has a name writing card in their book bag also. This is yours to keep.  A felt pen will work well to trace over the letters and will wash off the laminate easily.  We have the same cards in class also, and we will be using the regularly to practise writing our names.


Your child has been given a book bag with a class storybook inside. Please could you return the book inside the book bag every Thursday, ready for us to change the books to send out again on Friday.


Thank you for proving your child with a piece of fruit or vegetable for snacktime. We work alongside the ‘Healthy Schools’ programme in our school, so healthy snacks at snacktime are very important.

We would also ask that you ensure all food brought into class is nut free. This includes any birthday cakes that you bring in for your child to share with the class.

Useful websites

Here are some websites that we have been using in class that you may also like to use at home with your child:      –  click on ‘ages 3-5 years for English and Maths activities.     – choose the games and stories for lots of fun!


Thank you for your support and please come to see me if you have any questions.

Mrs Pugh and the Nursery team.